Your best source of credible content

The best source of credible contentcredible content

If you want to build an online audience, then fresh relevant website content is essential to pleasing the search engines and generating organic traffic.

Standard Content is OK but….

Most websites will have several pages that provide service/product focused content that will strengthen the sites importance but that will dissipate over time.

That means you need a fresh source of content and one that will continue to create new streams of information for you. Whats more that content needs to be credible content. So what is the answer?

Let me answer that by asking you a question…… Why do your customers come to you? When they contact you, what to is it that they want to know? That’s nearly the answer, you see, customers come to you with problems, they ask questions and those questions are the very best source of content in the form of posts or Q&A sessions.

These Question Answer sessions can be:-

  • Blog posts – If you have a WordPress website then you have the perfect platform
  • Articles – Sites like Ezine Articles will allow others to spread the word.
  • You Tube Videos – Google likes YouTube video (well they own YouTube after all).
  • Podcasts – Audio files that allow you to “speak to your audience”

or any other media source that you can think of (social or anything you can think of). Answering your clients questions simply and honestly with as much detail as possible without holding back will not stop customers coming to you, it won’t mean they do things themselves, instead the fact that you are professional and willing to be open with them will help them like, know and trust you.

Making your clients questions the source of your content and building on the subject of the question to provide deep and informative information for your website will do much more for you and your business and continue to help you create content to strengthen your webs presence.

credible contentConclusion

Generating content that will drive traffic to your website is never easy, but the best way to create new content is to say to customers that have questions; “hey that’s a great question, other people have asked me that as well, I’ll tell you what, let me create the answer and put it on my website, I will email you the link and that way you will have to solution for ever.