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Introduction: As a Website design and hosting company North Wales presents a challenge in that there are many businesses spread over a wide rural area. There are very few large cities and even fewer large towns where businesses flourish and require high levels of web based service. As a result we cast our net globally but really love working with our local businesses and organisations.

To understand Website Development  and Website Development we really need to take a brief look at where websites started first (hardly riveting but important so please stay with us).

Website design and hosting company North Wales
The pieces have to fit for website development to succeed

Many years ago when the Internet was in its infancy and websites were a new idea, the sites tended to be identical to, or at best an extension of the company brochure. After all, the company had spent a lot of money on the brochure so it must be good, right?

As the Internet evolved and Search Engines started to develop the website had a greater importance and therefore the website needed to be found; because of the need to be found the search engine started to become the focus of developers. Soon it was found that a few simple changes to the website enabled you to get front page of popular search engines, then almost as quickly people started to “enhance” their website changes resulting in what was considered to be cheating by the search engines.

All of this resulted in fewer search engines of importance and over the years simpler design systems for creating websites as coding languages improved.

Why the focus on the history lesson about Website Design & Development?

When looking at Website design and hosting company for your organisation is no longer something that needs a coding specialist, but you should understand the bigger picture with DIY Site Design, the new requirements when you have a website designed are that the site should be easy to maintain and update and that the content should be Search Engine Optimised (SEO).

Writing the content for the website takes, skill, determination, research, an understanding of the subject matter and most costly of all – it takes time.

Tapping into the inner journalist is one thing, writing something that people want to read is something completely different – and then again writing something that has been optimised for SEO is even more challenging.

Website design and hosting company North Wales discovers a flaw in New Site Designs

One thing that is important to you and also us, is the look of the website. In 2015 new a new style of website design started to appear that focused more on impressive graphics in the header when you arrived at the site and lots of white space around the text content. I have to admit I love these new styles but they can have a negative impact as well.

We ran a trial on one of these sites with an organisation that had around 2,000 visitors a day on the website, the audience didn’t like it! They found it hard to navigate and confusing.


Simple, the average age of the visitor was around 60 years of age and many didn’t understand what to do when they arrived on the home page.


They may have been set in their ways and used to traditional websites, much like when Microsoft updates or releases new versions of Windows there are early adopters and late adopters. The early bunch tend to be enthusiasts, pro technology and are usually younger, the reverse is true for the late adopters, they tend to get dragged along with the rest.

So thinking about your target demographic is important, just as important as the content of your website.

ColourWebsite design and hosting company North Wales

Often a company already has a logo for their brand identity, this often gets reflected in the websites colour. So when you are thinking about colour you should question heading colours and link colours that can be used within the website.

Colour has another very important part to play in the look of your site and that tends to be around the base colour of photographs and pictures that will be used in the website. Are you looking for them to blend or contrast with the core colour scheme and why?


Most clients are happy to leave the home page layout to us, we try to focus on getting the important bits above the fold as it’s known. This means that a visitor arriving at your home page understands what you do and where to navigate to next when they arrive because they don’t need to scroll down.

Does this mean that content below the fold is irrelevant? Certainly not, but what people see and how they scan the page content is very important.

Regular content

Adding regular updates to the website and increasing the content is very important in the life-cycle of website development. Best done through a blog we tend to have this built into your CMS. As a result it is easy to add content without adding to the menu size.

Blogs are very much in vogue with search engines, the content is propagated rapidly and the most popular articles are easily and quickly shared on social media. Done properly this can really increase the number of visitors to your website.

Of course getting the visitor to the site is only part of the story, you need to engage with your prospective client and again we can help there.

Website Design and load speed

In recent years Google has taken the time it takes for a page to load into account for the ranking algorithm. One of the key factors in the decision was no doubt the number of users browsing on mobile devices. That means that being mobile friendly and having a load speed that is made to impress will help in the placement of your site.

Part of Website Design therefore needs to be page speed. We test on many factors so that when we check with Google on their webmaster tools, we always get great results.

Rounding up then

It may be that you think this is all advertising blurb and I understand why people are cynical about websites that talk about their own services, but if you are looking for a Website design and hosting company North Wales are or for that matter anywhere in the UK, you will surely find no better service than ours. The vast majority of our clients stay with us for more than 10 years and that must mean something that we are doing is right. Those that leave tend to do so because they have grown to a point where they take control of everything in house. So call us for a chat and see if we can help you.

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