Why use CTSNWW Website Design North Wales?

Good question. When you use CTSNWW for Website Design North Wales or anywhere else in the world you are dealing with a real person who values the principles that the company was founded upon:Website Design North Wales

  • High Quality Service
  • Clear communication
  • A fair price for the chosen service

Before we go any further, lets just clear one thing up…… Although we are focused here on Website Design North Wales, we do of course design and host sites for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are in Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, of even France, we can work just as easily with you, but if you are in our region then it means that we can have a coffee and some cake whilst we discus what makes us your best solution for website design in North Wales

The first two principles are self explanatory and you have probably come across many companies that claim to provide the same thing, the difference is that we mean it. Computer Technical Solutions North West Wales (CTSNWW) has been in existence since 2006, but the owner Steve Richards created his first website in 2003. This first website was an online book store of second hand books and e-books, it was created for fun and was very much a case of “how do I do this” and “how does this work” experiment. The site developed over the next three years and Steve started to learn a lot more about, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java and Java Script.

When Steve went into business as CTSNWW providing IT Support for local business and home users (http://www.ctsnww.co.uk) he was often asked if he provided website services. Eventually the answer became yes and now Steve helps over 100 local businesses to inform the public about their services and products.

Some of those services have very specific requirements and had a specific design in mind like the Denbigh and Flint Show and Yates & Co. whilst other companies had no real design in mind and needed some help developing the concept, like The Will Wizard.

When it comes to the actual design, we work very closely with the individual or company, the obvious things to consider are the company logo and colours, the purpose of the website; information/web presence, sales, lead generation, product awareness, brand awareness etc. Some companies want a mixture of these things and that is fine, but we will always work with the client to deliver the best possible results based on the budget.

CostWebsite design North Wales

If you phone around a few website design companies with a very basic specification of lets say…..

  • A new startup business website
  • Complete Design and Hosting Package
  • 10 – 15 pages
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for 3 months to ensure you get ranked well for 3 of your 5 keywords

Then many of the quotes will be £1200 – £1500 or more, we don’t like that sort of quote, it is in our opinion inflated by the “mystic” that surrounds websites and SEO. Typically when you ask CTSNWW Website Design North Wales for a quote, you will find we charge about half of that price and include the first years hosting costs in that fee.

Search Engine Optimisation and Website Design North Wales

It is true that SEO is not easy, there are rules that search engines want you to abide by, breaking those rules can get your website sandboxed or worse blacklisted, so you have to be certain that the standards are met whilst using the guidelines provided by the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo. When we create a website design we think about layout and the content, getting the content right and promoting your business globally is important, but for the majority of business owners, if you live in North Wales, then your business is local….. For that very reason getting the Design, Content and SEO is what will make your site stand out as part of your package from us providing Website Design in North Wales.

Website Design North Wales - The Truth: Design, Content and SEOYou will, I have no doubt, have seen DIY websites advertised online and on your TV, these are cheap monthly subscriptions and seem like a great idea, however, the sites are built in such a way that you the site creator has little insight into getting ranked well on a search engine, these sites don’t want you to understand SEO because it is a paid service that they will offer you later.

Then there are companies that offer SEO that actually don’t provide true SEO for your site, these companies shall remain nameless (but the yell a lot), if you search for a local trade (say a plumber and a local town) in Google and see a result in the organic listings (not one of the adverts that appear at the top) you may well find that there is a listing for a Directory site like the old Yellow Pages. Visiting that site will list many plumbers for that town, clicking on the plumbers link on that site doesn’t take you to the company website but rather to another directory page with a bit more information  about that company. You may also notice that many other plumbers are advertised on that page as well. Let me ask you a question, if that directory company had offered for a fixed monthly fee to do SEO work for you an d the result had been that you were in a directory that got your company and others in your area listed at the top of Google in a shared page, would you be happy?

I wouldn’t! First your website has not been ranked well and so no real SEO work for your website has been undertaken, second when you have been found by a customer using that service, that potential customer has also been presented with several of your competitors and may actually click away from you and choose them instead. How is that SEO in any way, shape or form? It’s not.

We spend many hours creating specialist content for your site that helps get you ranked well on your website meaning that your site gets to appear at the top of the search engines.

Here’s a screen grab of a new site that we are in month 2 of SEOing:

Website Design North Wales

As you can see, we have hidden the keywords, but what is important is that of these 5 keywords, four of the five are in the top 100 websites for that keyword/phrase. One of them is in the top position, another is 5th having slipped from 2nd (so we will look at why our changes had a negative impact on that). Of the other keywords, the last one has gone up 4 places to 23rd but it is the top 2 keywords that stand out as needing attention.

The top two rows show that the first keyword is in 26th place up from 78th but that it has a search volume (number of searches that month) of 50. The second keyword isn’t ranking well yet but has a much higher search volume.

So month three will be spent improving the rankings of all these keywords with a special emphasis on the 2nd one because that will drive much more traffic (more visitors) to the site. We know from the Page score of all of the pages that we need to modify some of the code elements on the page to improve the page score. This will involve things like minifying code, shrinking pictures in storage size without impacting on image quality and the like. So, as you can see, when provide a website design package, that website design in North Wales or for any other part of the world, gets thought through meticulously. We focus on the key words and deliver the results.

Conclusion – Website Design North Wales

When you work with CTSNWW Website Design North Wales you are working to benefit your business. We have only only one wish after we have done our work, that that is that you are so happy that you tell all your friends.

Our prices and payment plans mean that you get great results at a price you can afford. Why not contact us today for a no obligation chat?

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