The Will Wizard

TThe Will Wizardhe Will Wizard

Before I describe The Will Wizard website, let me give you some information on the man behind the company.

It was probably about three years ago that I first met Bill Finegan, we were introduced by a mutual friend and business associate. Bill comes from a strong financial background with experience in investments, trusts, life insurance and mortgages.

These days Bill heads up The Will Wizard and is the primary advisor for all matters concerning the protection of your family estate.

Although I had no expectations, it was a natural choice for Bill to contact me concerning the creation of the website for The Will Wizard, a project that has provided me with even more information concerning the expertise, commitment and level of service provided by Bill.

Although Bill took care of my will and also that of my wife, I had previously had little contact with his business, however, I now have a level of understanding that has really raised my level of appreciation for what he does.

The website uses some unique tools that help present an otherwise dry and foreboding subject in a more easily appreciated and understood way. That is largely because of the way Bill approaches his work. In fact during the time that my own Last Will and Testament was being created it was more like speaking to a friend than slogging through a quagmire of legal terms and nonsense that is generally hard to understand. We wanted the website to offer a similar approach and it is my belief we have achieved that.

The site has a modern design, works on tablets and mobiles as well as desktops and came in on one of our base price packages that has no limits or restrictions on traffic or data throughput.

So why not visit The Will Wizard and have a look around, if you need Bills help contact him, you won’t regret it.