DIY Website?

DIY Website – Does it work?

In recent years there have been dozens of DIY Website companies start up and seemingly sell a one stop solution that you can look after yourself.

In fact, as many have found to their cost, you can choose a template that looks right for your business, you can use the suggested content (but imagine all the similar businesses using the same content) and you can get a website that looks very good on a number of devices that you might use to view the site. However the site will not have been optimized for SEO.

So whats the problem?

Lets look at the things I have just highlighted in the paragraph above:-


The more businesses that use the same template the more Google will notice the same layout, code and embedded information that identifies the site, this can lead to the site being identified as of lower importance as it is not original.


The suggested content that these sites provide is often taken as is and used with only very minor changes. As a result Google will see the site as having no original content.

Available on multiple platforms

Great – one thing that is critical for good rankings.


This is not an omission from these companies, it is their plan.

By virtue of the fact that after a month you will probably be able to put your business name into Google and see links to your site you may think that the work is done, but try searching for the common search terms relating your business (if you are a plumbing firm try searching for leaking tap and your town) and you will probably find that you don’t appear on page 1 of Google. In fact you probably are not in the first 3 pages!

These companies make their money from selling you SEO services.

SEO Services


SEO Services for obtaining results fall into 2 main categories right at the top – Black and White.

Black hat SEO activities will get you banned and White hat activities are obviously very good.

Next comes fast SEO and then long term SEO.

Fast SEO uses pay per click results like Google Adwords, the thing about this service is that you only get results whilst you are paying for them and unfortunately the majority of people will not click on Adword results that appear on the right hand side of the page. So it get expensive.

Fast results are good though, they get you on page one quickly and that allows you to work on long term SEO also known as Organic Search Results.

Organic results come from having the content of your web pages focused on a particular key word or phrase and on Google (or any other search engine) rewarding you for the original content by putting your link to that page in a prominent position.

The challenge is that lots of other companies are competing for those same results, so the content needs to be refreshed and added to on a regular basis.

By now you are starting to get the impression that SEO is not straight forward – and you would be right.

So these firms will often use the quick and easy Adwords campaigns to get you ranked and do the bare minimum in the Organic results whilst charging you a monthly fee for ever and a day.

What’s the solution

Well of course we can provide you with a bespoke website solution that you can manage yourself, but we will do the initial hard work for you.

By working with you we can complete the content of the site and optimize it for the search engines. Then you can focus on adding new content using the built in tools we will teach you to use you can optimize the pages yourself in the future.


We can provide you with a bespoke site or a template site but it will have original content, original pictures, each page will have sufficient optimized content as to rank on Google and other engines. You can employ us to improve these rankings or you can try and do it yourself with some built in guidance tools that we can provide.

What it is important for you to understand is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. So when you see hosting and websites for £1 a month or £5 a month or even £10 a month you may not be getting what you actually need and bigger bills may be on the horizon.

With CTS Hosting you can get a DIY website that has everything you need built in from the day the site launches.