Adwords Listing Service

What is the Adwords Listing Service?

Adwords Listing Service

The Adwords Listing Service is a simple, cost-effective way to get your business listed on Google along with key information like Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Opening hours, Location, Products/Services and a map showing your actual location using Google Maps. We also set up an Adwords Account for you so that with just a few simple clicks you can start sending prospective customers to your listing or your website.

When your customers are looking for a solution to their problem they are more likely to search for a business solution online that anywhere else these days. The Yellow Pages is no longer the “go to” resource for phone numbers and address information when it comes to finding a local business.

The key phrase is right at the end of the last paragraph, “local business”, people often search for something in their local area, so being found there is really critical to growing your customer base.

If you think about it from the customers perspective they probably won’t even go to their computer to find a business solution, they probably use their smartphone. That’s why there are several criteria that are essential to your business being found:-

  1. Have a website
  2. Get listed locally on Google
  3. Get your website listed well for specific search terms (Key Words)
  4. Get your content updated regularly
  5. Have relevant inbound and outbound links to relevant content
  6. Get all of the main product/service pages SEO’ed
  7. Market the website using Adwords

What if I don’t have a Website Yet?

No problem!

We can get you listed on Google without a website and once you have seen how quickly and efficiently we do that for you then we can talk about getting a website set up for you if you want.

We have a range of packages that include Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation and you can spread the cost paying monthly to make life easier.

We usually charge £97 for this service – but you have landed on our pages during a Special Offer!


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