SEO Support – What can I expect?

At CTS we want to provide you with a great experience, that’s why when you ask SEO Support – What can I expect? We have one main answer in mind Traffic, but traffic is not the absolute answer, traffic at a website is no guarantee of business, so you need targeted traffic.

Targeted Traffic


Targeted traffic is about delivering visitors who want what you are offering, they are not just curious they are almost pre-qualified, that is they just need the right information from you to turn them into paying clients and customers.

How do we achieve this?

First of all we need to meet some simple criteria for getting your site into the search engines:-

Search Engine Submission – We focus on just 400 search engines that really count. We submit your site details to several hundred link pages as well and each month we will provide you with a detailed report of all of the search engine and directory submissions.

After between 6 and 8 weeks your new site will be listed in all of the major search engines, this time is really dependent on when the search engines “spider” your website.

Will my site need to have Meta Tags? Definitely yes. Search engines use Meta Tags to classify and place your website in the right category so they are critical.

Why don’t you submit to more than 400 directories? – In many cases search engines outside of the main 400 are niche directories and as such not many people use them. Think about it yourself, where do you search the web? How many search engines have you used… ever?

What else do we do?

Well, at this point we have to say that we do a lot of off page optimisation, that is to say we write articles, submit the article information to websites that link back to your site and generally improve the visibility of your website. The actual work is really in depth:-

It involves (but certainly is not limited to):-

  1. Website submission (as above)
  2. Blogging
  3. Forum Posting
  4. Community Creation in Social Networking Sites
  5. Directory submission (mentioned previously)
  6. Link Exchange (if done badly this can get you banned from Google)
  7. Social Bookmarking
  8. Link Baiting
  9. Photo Sharing
  10. Video Promotions
  11. Article Submission
  12. Classifieds Submission
  13. Press Release Promotion
  14. Local Listings & Yellow Pages
  15. Business Reviews & Testimonials
  16. Sharing Documents
  17. RSS Directory Submissions
  18. Pay Per Click campaigns
  19. Mobile App creation
  20. Answers (Yahoo Answers and similar resources)

These and many other tasks take time, there are very few quick fixes when it comes to website SEO, it used to be simple, you could use little tricks and techniques that the main search engines now deplore so those days are gone. Now all the major search engines want you to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field to be ranked highly. So, don’t spend hours, days or weeks doing something that takes you away from making money every day. Trust CTS to do your SEO for you.