Facebook SEO Tactics need to change

Facebook SEO Tactics need to changefacebook seo

Since people started looking for likes and shares on Facebook, the simplest way has been to actually ask people to like or share their posts, but Facebook SEO Tactics need to change.

Facebook has announced that it will demote pages that have posts that make such requests.

Starting in a couple of weeks, offenders will have the total reach on all of their posts reduced if their content is begging or baiting users to interact. Serial offenders will be hit hardest.

That will mean we  all need to take care about our wording in posts that we use to generate likes and shares for business pages and websites. This will have some serious implications for SEO companies and webmasters as well as advertising agencies.

If this sort of post is your usual method of increasing traffic then you have an problem that we would like to help you with, there are better ways of increasing traffic on Facebook even if they do take a bit more work. At least you won’t get bumped (but your competition might if they don’t know about this news).