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Content ManagementContent Management

What is content management? In simple terms it is just having fresh relevant content added to your website on a regular basis. Fresh content is important because your website has to be a living marketing tool. Gone are the days when a brochure style website would suffice, now more than ever topical content is important to demonstrate how you and your company are experts in your field.

Being able to add content regularly is relatively simple with a “Content Management System” or CMS, there are dozens if not hundreds of off the shelf systems available that allow anyone with basic keyboard skills to add content to a website, but remember that word relevant, well that is a critical word when adding content as is the word “remarkable”.

For your content to get the attention it needs, that content should be remarkable. Coined by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shar the founders of Hubspot, remarkable content is that which causes the public to remark on it.

In this way the content is shared via social media and your potential client reach increases.

Computer Technical Solutions provides more than just a beautiful design for your website, we also provide a CMS and if you want, we are happy to add Remarkable Content to your site at regular intervals. There are a range of options available for you dependent on your needs.

We are always transparent with our costs and so we have no fear of publishing them up front, but don’t focus on the price, just ask yourself “How much would it cost to hire someone to write content that is aimed at promoting our business?”

And now ask yourself “How much would it cost to have that content Search Engine Optimised for relevant key words”?


  Basic Regular Advanced
New Content 1 per Month 2 per month Weekly
Facebook campaign No Monthly Weekly
LinkedIn Campaign No Monthly Weekly
Slideshare No Monthly Weekly
YouTube No Monthly Weekly
Email Campaign No No Weekly
 SEO’d Yes   Yes Yes 
 Price Per Month £120  £240  £600
Price Per Month Inc. VAT  £144  £288  £720
Annual Price £1200 (save £240) £2400 (Save £480) £6000 (Save £1200)
Annual Price Inc. VAT £1440 £2880 £7200


Want to know more or discuss your own situation and see if we can come up with a bespoke solution for you?”

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